Clogworks makes latest addition to Dark Matter UAV range

DMqD poster for CDP

Clogworks has expanded its Dark Matter UAV range with the addition of a new quadcopter.

The new Dark Matter qD adds to Clogworks’ offering, joining the hX hexacopter within the range.

The Dark Matter qD has an improved flight time in comparison to the DMhX and can be configured with propellers up to 28’’ in diameter.

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Clogworks says that the DMqD joins the DMhX in being made of sculpted carbon fibre and aircraft grade aluminium to offer ‘excellent performance and efficiency.’

It goes on to describe how the design behind interchangeable configurations has been carried out to cater for ever-changing pilot needs.

According to the firm, its Dark Matter range has been specifically designed to suit the needs of commercial operators.

They are modular heavy-lift drones capable of carrying a variety of payloads and displaying several configurations.

The DMhX, the existing hexacopter in its offering, is capable of carrying payloads up to 7.5kg and benefits from increased stability and redundancy due to its 6 motors and thrust points.

UAVs in the range can be compatible with a wide range of third-party payloads and batteries.

Both models can be fitted with a retract system and/or a fixed landing gear, and the leg height can be adjusted with a short version or long version currently available.

All arms display navigation lights that could be switched off if needed for stealth mode operation while lights on top of the aircraft are also visible to help with collision avoidance.

It also has an integrated FPV camera for added safety.

A range of sensors fitted on a 3-axis gimbal are also available and offer further image stabilisation.

Clogworks says other payloads can be fitted for communication or logistics application as well.

The aircraft can be assembled quickly and can take off from a small flat area and can operate in winds of up to 12m/s, in temperatures between -20°C to +40°C as standard or +45°C with a duotone paint job.

The drone can also be operated in light precipitation.

Both the DMhX and DMqD are compatible with Tattu lithium polymer batteries.

Up to two 22000mAh batteries can be fitted in the battery cage to protect them from the elements and possible rough landing.

For more permanent operations, both Dark Matter UAVs can be tethered up to 100m altitude.

Additionally, the SmartAP-Clogworks feature on the new drone has been designed to offer redundancy with 3 temperature controlled IMUs, peace of mind with battery telemetry reading in real-time the actual current being drawn out, accurate positioning thanks to GPS/GLONASS satellites detection and barometer and altimeter information.

Both the DMhX and the newly released DMqD will be exhibited at the InnovateUK RAI industry showcase event in Manchester March 12.

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