Coachella proves drones can deliver what fireworks can’t and wows music lovers in the US


Software and hardware giant Intel shared the spotlight with some of the biggest names in the music industry at American festival Coachella.

The technology developer delivered a light display using approximately 300 Shooting Star drones in a bid to put an end to the health, safety and environmental concerns of using fireworks.

The annual two-weekend festival takes place in Coachella Valley in California and welcomes over 250,000 guests.

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Anil Nanduri, vice president of the New Technology Group and general manager of Unmanned Aviation Systems at the Intel Corporation, said: “We worked to understand the mechanics of operating a show – from logistics and animations to safety protocols and airspace regulations. Our findings led to development of a sustainable business model.

“In less than a year, a handful of our talented engineers had purpose-built new hardware and software – the Intel Shooting Star system for drone light shows – leading us to multiple world records and a collaboration with a major theme park for a winter holiday show.”

Intel’s drones recently delivered performances on one of the largest international stages, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 where Intel achieved a new Guinness World Records title for the opening ceremony flight.

Nanduri added: “The technology employed in our drone light shows can be applied to other applications, including search and rescue where multiple drones can look for a lost hiker, or commercial applications for large infrastructure inspections that reduce inspection time and improve efficiency.

“As we look forward, the notion of flying lights and being able to use drones indoors – including in stadiums and theatres where GPS signals for positioning are not available – led us to develop new capabilities to fly drone swarms inside.”

A video of the display can be found below.


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