Commercial drone firm drafted in to cover Royal Wedding screening

An East Anglia-based commercial drone operator was commissioned recently to produce footage of an event taking place in Cambridge city centre, where local residents watched a screening of the Royal Wedding.

Ely Aviation worked with the client to take shots of an open-air cinema event in the city showing a hit film in addition to the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Managing director of Ely Aviation, Ian Titchener, said that due to all of the legalities involved in flying within such a crowded area, the event took “a lot of planning”.

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“[The planning] included two site visits to plan where we would place safety barriers, what our flight plan would be and how many members of ground crew we would need to carry out the operation safely.

“We ended up having four members of the team onsite, with three acting as ground crew and myself as pilot.”

He continued: “The results were stunning, and really showed what a beautiful city Cambridge is. You only really get this appreciation from the air.”

Image credit: Ely Aviation

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