Commercial drone industry showing early signs of recovery, says SkyWatch.AI


The US commercial drone industry is showing early signs of recovery after it inevitably suffered during the coronavirus pandemic.

This is reported by SkyWatch.AI Drone after 31 US states recently removed certain lockdown restrictions.

SkyWatch.AI is the world’s first on-demand, telematics-based insurance platform for the drone industry.

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It said that during March and April over 25% of SkyWatch.AI pilots were affected by COVID-19 and altered their insurance to fit the new situation, whether by changing their plan or suspending it.

After using a 60-day suspension policy implemented by the company, over 20% have now returned.

This, the company suggested, bodes well for the resurgence of the industry.

CEO and co-founder Tomer Kashi said: “Since the start of the pandemic, our priority has been to adapt and continuously provide our pilots with the right services and solutions.

“We have been able to assist numerous business owners by adjusting their plans in order to reduce costs and alleviate added burdens.

“Now, we are seeing a growing trend in which pilots are not only returning to their original business, but they are also adjusting their services to meet the current demand.”

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