COMMERCIAL Q&A: An exclusive insight into Coverdrone’s commercial drone insurance


As part of this month’s Special Report, Commercial Drone Professional caught up with Coverdrone to get a deeper insight into commercial drone insurance.

CDP spoke with the team and gained a closer look at the policies offered and how it all works.

Here we look specifically at the commercial side of the business:

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How does Coverdrone work with commercial enterprises and individual commercial pilots to ensure they have an insurance policy that sufficiently covers their operations?

We are in constant communication with training centres, retailers, operators etc. and have adapted the policy wording to ensure that operators are fully insured for any operation they are carrying out within their permissions from the Aviation Authority (with the exception of BVLOS or military work which requires additional cover).

Our policy automatically includes things such as night flying, high risk premises, flights over water, any OSC exemptions the operator has in place. We have designed the policy specifically so all the operator must do is follow the Aviation Authority guidelines and they will be fully covered.

How important is it for commercial operations to ensure the policy reflects their work?

It is vital that the policy correctly covers a commercial operator to protect their business assets and liability. As long as the operator is flying within their permissions then the policy covers them. The specific nature of the operator’s flight does not impact the policy except for BVLOS or military work which would require additional cover.

How does a commercial insurance offering differ in comparison to a recreational policy?

Commercial policies are required to have Aviation Liability cover to comply with EC Regulation 785/2004. Recreational policies do not include this extension as it is not required. The commercial policy has additional extensions available to the client, for example professional indemnity cover that would not be required by a recreational operator.


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