COMMERCIAL Q&A: How can technology help commercial drone insurance?


Technology, like for all insurers, has increasingly played a part for  insurance in the drone industry with the same being said at Coverdrone.

Its app, which has been developed as the market as progressed, is a vital component in the firm’s offering.

CDP finds out how:

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How can using the Coverdrone app help the user?

The Coverdrone FlySafe app assists users in safely planning and executing their flights. It provides accurate safety information, at the touch of a button, such as Airspace Restrictions, Ground Hazard Information, live NOTAMS and area reports, worldwide.

The app is powered by industry leader Altitude Angel who, across all of their platforms, is the most used system in the UK. This allows our users to see other drone operators using the same system, in the same area, at the same time. As the number of registered flights with FlySafe, or any Altitude Angel platform, continues to grow, the more visibility each drone user will have when preparing flights.

New features were recently added, how have they improved the user experience?

As well as general overall improvements to the app that help the user to navigate and plan more efficiently, the three main points of interest recently added were as follows:

1. The main feature that has been introduced to the app is the UTM Connectivity Indicator making it easier for users to request permission to fly in restricted airspace.

If you look out for the ‘UTM Connectivity’ section in the details for Flight Restriction Zones (FRZs) this will assist in how to seek permission.

2. New location pin that shows in the map when searching for a given location

3. Map scale that is there to provide assistance for the user

Can the app help with the claims process, if so, how?

We don’t rely on the use of the app to assist with the claims in any way. The app’s purpose is to make flying safely and legally a simpler process, whilst also saving operators time and making them more productive.

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