COMMERCIAL Q&A: How important is integrated insurance knowledge to a drone training plan?


Drone training with pilots learning how to operate commercially often advises to think about insurance as part of their training programme. It builds in the though process about cover and safety from the outset of their operations and in the view of many, is a tool which helps drive standards across the drone industry.

Some NQEs providing drone training work with insurance firms to build this in to programme so we find out from Coverdrone how they work to ensure new pilots can get on top of their cover from the outset of their piloting career:

How important is it to build knowledge around insurance into a training programme?

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We believe it is extremely important for insurance to be included within training programmes for 4 key reasons:

  1. Insurance is a legal requirement for commercial operators
  2. To educate about the type of cover required, including Aviation Liability. A standard liability insurance policy does not include this (for example a photographer’s liability policy)
  3. To understand the level of cover required e.g. the EC 785/2004 regulation sets out minimum requirements
  4. To understand additional covers that could protect or even save their  business in the event of a loss

How does Coverdrone work to ensure trainee pilots have sufficient knowledge around insurance?

Our website is constantly updated with the latest information surrounding insurance requirements and coverage. We also have a team of specialist advisors on hand to guide clients through the insurance process and what may be required. The advice that we offer from the team is completely free of charge and we recommend that people call and make use of this resource.

Can you explain more on how pricing can change depending on a pilot’s experience and level of training?

Our pricing is not based on a pilot’s experience. We offer our best premiums to all qualified operators. We simply have amended liability limits and excesses for operators in training or carrying out a flight examination.

Read this month’s insurance-focused Special Report with Coverdrone HERE.

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