Commission welcomes European cities joining the Urban Air Mobility initiative


A raft of European cities have signed on the dotted line to bolster the use of drones within the airspace of urbanised regions.

Earlier this year, the State of Geneva committed to becoming the first city to join the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Initiative that is part of the European Innovation Partnership in Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC).

The partnership, which is supported by the European Commission, looks to bring together cities and regions, citizens, industries, SMEs, investors, researchers and other smart city actors.

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The city of Ghent has become the most recent city to join the EU Urban Air Mobility Initiative with a project for an ambulance drone. Hamburg is also part of the initiative, as well as Ingolstadt, which joined the EU Urban Air Mobility Initiative last week with a pilot scheme for air taxis.

European cities, such as Hamburg and Helsinki, among others, have shown interest to also join still this year.

Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, said: “Drones offer exciting opportunities for new services and business models, particularly in our cities. At the same time we need to ensure that drones operations taking place above our heads are safe, secure, quiet and clean. In that regard, the Urban Air mobility initiative is an important demonstration project involving several European cities to address these challenges and plan for the future. It will also contribute to the EU’s U-Space, which is a flagship project of the European Union to manage air traffic at low level.”

The coming months will see the development of drone and U-space service solutions involving both stakeholders and public organisations to address unmet mobility user needs, for example in public, shared transport and in mobility-as-a-service.

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