Community feedback inspires Flock’s latest insurance tools


Flock Cover has announced its latest updates which have been developed from direct user feedback.

The firm has revealed to Commercial Drone Professional that it will now incorporate satellite view, instant invoices and in-flight bookings to its offering.

The move comes just weeks after the London-based company announced its new ‘Fly unlimited’ feature at the Commercial UAV Show.

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Speaking to CDP at the show, marketing and communications executive, Dara Cormican said: “There has been a lot of interest in Flock, we have announced the launch of our new product ‘fly unlimited’ which is a flexible monthly subscription based product so it is offering unlimited cover in a month designed to be matched with pay as you fly.”

She added: “This allows our pilots to essentially customise their insurance throughout the whole year so in their busy times they can use fly unlimited and then compliment that with pay as you fly at other times when it is slightly quieter. It is just about allowing a fully customised insurance all year round. We are excited to launch that soon, probably next year in Q1 and we are looking for early adopters for that.”

The new tools incorporated by Flock will also work with the ‘fly unlimited’ offering.

Satellite View will now enable its pilots to quickly switch between a map and satellite view when booking cover while the instant invoices feature will mean users receive a one-page insurance document immediately following an in-app purchase.

Finally, the in-flight booking addition will allow pilots to book a new ‘Pay-as-you-fly’ insurance policy whilst another policy is still live, which, following feedback, is hoped to be of use to pilots who need to move to a different location, or fly with multiple drones for a specific job.


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