ConnexiCore drones allow US construction projects to move forward


US drone services provider ConnexiCore is aiding construction companies in continuing their work safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

With a fleet of nearly 1,000 FAA-approved drones, ConnexiCore typically specialises in aerial data collection, image and video analysis, aerial mapping and photogrammetry for industrial clients.

Now, the Philadelphia-based company is offering new drone-based solutions to construction projects.

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These include conducting UAS inspections of properties, providing high-resolution images and 4K videos, so that no one has to inspect a construction in person.

The drones can then safely deliver the data to users via SaaS platforms like the ConnexiCore Cloud.

ConnexiCore CEO Frank Segarra commeneted: “We are actively exploring when, where and how we can be most helpful during the COVID-19 crisis.

“We want to help our clients keep their employees safe, while also trying to maintain effectiveness. This supports productivity for companies and preserves jobs for the employees.”

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