Consumers most eager to receive apparel deliveries via drones


The most sought-after types of drone delivery services have been revealed following a market study.

Research from Business Insider has found that shoppers in the UK are most eagerly awaiting the introduction of apparel drone deliveries, with 27% of surveyed participants saying it is the product it would most want to have delivered via drone.

The report also revealed that electronics, food, books and medication were popular options to drone delivery, with 14%, 11%,11% and 10% respectively selecting these products.

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While the Business Insider study revealed keen interest in perishable and non-perishable items, products such as toys, CDs and games were less favourable.

Recent reports have suggested that, due to changing regulations surrounding beyond visual line of sight operations, drone deliveries could become routine procedure as early as next year.

According to The Times, Andy Sage, NATS head of drones, said: “This is about being able to transmit a drone’s location or intended flight to allow it to be seen,” he told The Times. “It would be a critical component in moving away from line of sight operations to begin operating beyond the line of sight.”

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