Councillor says Preston is “ideally placed” to become hub for new drone tech in the UK


A local councillor in Preston is hoping he can play a part in helping his community become a major player in the UK drone industry.

City leaders have said they see Preston as “ideally placed” to help the growing technology expand further and become a prominent tool to businesses across the country.

According to a report from the Lancashire Post, councillor Freddie Bailey said he sees the industry being a big part to Preston’s future economy.

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He told the Lancashire Post: “Clearly this is a big industry and with us living in the fourth largest aerospace cluster in the world, we need to be supporting projects like this as this could be a big part of Preston’s economy in the future, developing and producing drones in Preston.”

Adding: “A good example of how they will play a big part in Preston’s future is the new Preston Western Distributor where drones will be used for surveying. Also firefighters use them. If there’s a building on fire they can identify where the source is, for example. Then once the fire has been put out you can also use them to survey the damage on a roof rather than sending people up on a ladder.”

The local news source also confirmed that members of the cabinet at the city council signed off a £37,065 grant from the European Regional Development Fund last Wednesday, funding which could be used to help boost drone development in the area.

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