Citadel Defense releases new software to defend against “adversarial tactics”

Citadel Defense has released new software incorporating deepfake neural networks to defend against adversarial spoofing tactics.  The company says the capability helps U.S. and allied forces combat growing enemy tactics that attempt to confuse existing and security intelligence equipment as spectrum superiority becomes more important. The company has now taken a leap forward by using Generative Adversarial Networks in their Titan C-UAS solution. Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense, explained: “Just like anti-virus programs have methods to detect software exploits, Titan has automated methods that proactively defend against spoofing exploits. “Adding new deep learning capabilities to Titan helps blind the
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US government clears Raytheon counter-drone solution for international sales

The U.S. government has cleared Raytheon Company to sell the Coyote Block 2 counter-drone weapon to approved allied nations as part of the Howler counter-drone system. In 2019, the U.S. Army deployed Howler, a combination of the Ku-band Radio Frequency System and Coyote Block 1, into the battlefield. The high-speed, highly manoeuvrable Block 2 is designed to use Raytheon's KuRFS multi-mission radar as its fire control source. The Coyote Block 2 counter-drone weapon and KuRFS radar worked together to detect and engage a target in a recent test over the U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. Sam Deneke, VP
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Citadel seals deal on $9.2m worth of C-UAS orders

Citadel Defense has received $9.2M in orders for their industry-proven C-UAS capabilities since the beginning of the year.  Commenting on the work it has done and is doing, the company’s CEO explained how the business hopes to continue heading in the same direction. Christopher Williams explained: “Drones are an asymmetric threat that require unprecedented speed for innovation.  Citadel’s AI-capabilities and responsiveness give customers a cost-effective option that addresses a very large portion of the sUAS threat.” Adding: “Strong Warfighter references and combat-proven results over the last two years helped secure this order.” As new drones are released to the market,
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