Coventry City Council backs down on proposed drone ban


Coventry City Council has confirmed it will make a U-turn on its proposed drone bans.

The new rules, which set out to ban the use of drones in public places and parks, received a number of complaints from enthusiasts following an announcement made last week.

Now, according to Coventry Live, the council has said it will defer the decision until it has a greater understanding of how other authorities across the UK regulate drone use.

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It will also take into account how many complaints it has received because of drone use and consider what affect it could have on the public.

Last week, a former West Midlands police chief inspector described the proposals as a ‘knee jerk’ reaction to the Gatwick drone incident.

Speaking to the BBC, Kerry Blakeman who is now a drone operator, said: “If they ban drones where do people go to fly their drones? They will go into the street and this will have the unintended consequences for West Midlands Police.”

Commercial Drone Professional reported on the story when it broke over a week ago.

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Coventry City Council to discuss potential drone ban

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