Coventry City Council to discuss potential drone ban


Members of Coventry City Council are to consider the adoption of a new policy which would ban drone flight in its parks and on council-owned land.

The report outlines a ‘growing number of issues with this type of activity’ as a reason for the proposal.

According to a report from Coventry Live, the council says its local residents have had growing concerns about drones in residential areas and parks for the last few years.

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However, as part of the suggested proposal, the council seems keen to regulate for specific police, professional and commercial use.

The council report states: “Due to a growing number of issues with this type of activity it now appears appropriate to adopt a drone policy to prohibit their general use on Council land and regulate their specific use such as for some police and professional or commercial operations. Other Councils have adopted similar policies.”

As part of the regulation process, the council has said police would still be able to operate in order to detect and prevent crime while commercial operators would pay £50 for a permission under strict regulation with the appropriate public liability insurance.

Additional fees would then be charged for any photography taken to cover administrative expenses.

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  1. Absolutely outrageous, I get that there are occasions where appropriate additional controls need to be placed, but it an industry that already carries substantial laws and Codes of practice. The charge of £50 per application and additional fees for photography is a means to drive out the industry with their area with disproportionate costs. I get paying for the application but what additional cost is there for photography.

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