Coverdrone launches EU arm in wake of Brexit


Drone insurance provider, Coverdrone, has launched a new business arm based in the European Union to support clients on the continent following Brexit.

The company announced that it has registered and established Coverdrone EU B.V. in the Netherlands.

“We have received permission from the Dutch regulators, the AFM, to transact our insurance policies across the Netherlands and the remaining European Union,” said Coverdrone in a statement.

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“We have had a long-standing connection with the Netherlands since the inception of Coverdrone and it was a natural fit for us when choosing a home in the EU.”

The UK firm has had European-based clients for a number of years and intends to continue with its product offering in spite of Britain’s break with the EU, which officially took place earlier this month.

Coverdrone said its European clients will continue to receive “exactly the same benefits as our UK clients”.

A statement said: “Our insurance policies accommodate the new EASA rules that came into effect on 1 January 2021. As we have been providing policies in different territories around the world for many years now, our policy wording is designed in such a way that already accommodates for changing local regulations.

“However, it is important that we remind that you that the insurance regulation EC785/2004 has not changed, so it is therefore still a legal requirement to obtain drone insurance if you are undertaking commercial operations. It is therefore important that when you are selecting one of our insurance policies, that you are choosing the correct type – commercial or recreational.”

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