Coverdrone is looking to take industry relationships to new heights at Commercial UAV Expo


Coverdrone, a UK-based commercial drone insurance provider, is putting business relationships centre stage ahead of next week’s Commercial UAV Expo.

This year at Commercial UAV Expo 2018, which is taking place in Amsterdam next week, the company is looking to connect with existing customers as much as possible, while engaging with new potential customers and industry contacts.

Coverdrone’s Andrew Heath told Commercial Drone Professional: “Our ‘Coverdrone FlySafe’ app will be available for people to have a look through, it’s a market leading piece of software that allows the drone operator to plan and conduct their flights more safely. It’s free to our customers and the feedback has already been exceptional.”

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In addition to bolstering business relationships, Coverdrone is also looking to discuss key industry topics, such as artificial intelligence (AI).

“It will be good to assess other people’s opinions on AI, until recently, most drones were flown by a ground-based operator. There are limitations, namely being able to see where the drone is. Using an assistant to monitor the drone’s camera view gives more flexibility, but regulations have also limited commercial drone operators’ options. In many countries (and with the common-sense approach) you must keep a drone in a visual line of sight (VLOS).

“Mention the word ‘autonomous’ and some people start to panic. It’s the buzz word in motoring, with many of the world’s biggest tech and car manufacturers collaborating on projects to launch driverless vehicles. The same is possible for drones.”

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