People left jobless by pandemic flock to join growing drone industry


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A thousand people left jobless by the pandemic signed up to Coptrz new training course in January alone, the company has said.

Industries and sectors such as hospitality and aviation have been devastated by the pandemic and now Coptrz is picking up on the opportunity to swell the ranks of the growing drone industry.

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“It’s great to see so many remote pilots enrolling onto courses at Coptrz Academy,” said Duncan Hewitson, Head of Training at Coptrz.

“It is a testament to the quality and value of training which we offer at Coptrz, making it more accessible to businesses looking to integrate drones into their workplace.”

Coptrz’s A2 CofC drone training course is being offered for free to allow people to retrain and use their skills in a fast-growing sector.

COVID-19 will accelerate the drone sector’s growth in the long-term. Price Waterhouse Coopers is predicting the UK’s drone industry will increase by £43 billion and create net cost savings for the economy of £16 billion.

Moreover, PWC estimates that by 2030 the industry will create 628,000 new jobs.

Coptrz’s CAA certified training courses are delivered online via its Academy E-Learning Portal, through flexible remote learning and self-guided practical flight training.

Courses use advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to enable online examinations to remove the requirement to visit a physical test centre eliminating the cost, hassle and risk involved.

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  1. Its not growing the industry its flooding it with untrained people who undercut and provide in some cases unsafe and un insured services. I have been contacted by several people who hired an A2 CofC operator who followed no safety procedure flying without knowledge of airspace restrictions and not following the regulations and restrictions of there qualification, also then providing a poor quality of service. They then had to pay me to do the job correctly and safely! how is this growing the industry? its deconstructing it and putting more people off hiring a drone operator, its also turning the already dubious public away from drones and drones being used safely. Its destroying the industry.

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