Drone crop scouting app ‘Skippy Scout’ lands on market


Skippy Scout has landed on the UK market.

It is an app that flies a drone out autonomously and allows for the scouting of crops automatically.

Announcing the news, Jack Wrangham, founder of Skippy Scout, explained how the app was “fast and easy to use,” “fully automated,” “leaf-level detail” and can be used with off-the-shelf drones.

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The launch has been a long time in the planning and last March, the firm launched a crowdfunding campaign for the app.

Funds were used to allow the business to develop new features, hire new talent in-house and take the platform to market which it has now achieved.

On the reasons for using a crowdfunding campaign, Wrangham says it allows anyone to get involved.

He explained: “Crowdfunding allows anyone to invest and to share in our success. We truly believe that Skippy Scout can bring huge improvements to efficiency in agriculture and food production, which is in everyone’s interest as we try to feed a growing global population.”

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