Crowded Space Drones bags first ever private sector surveillance certificate of compliance for UAS

CSD Operated Surveillance Drone

Crowded Space Drones has been granted the first ever private sector certificate of compliance of surveillance camera systems and the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 for the use of UAS in surveillance.

This certification has been granted following a comprehensive independent audit by IQ Verify on behalf of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC).

The duty of the SCC, which works in cooperation with the Home Office, is to encourage compliance with the surveillance camera code of practice.

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Crowded Space Drones, meanwhile, is a UK provider of public safety and surveillance by drone.

It works with bodies like the police, military, local authorities and enforcement agencies.

The company uniquely holds an enhanced permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permitting them to fly closer to people and higher than 400ft.

Historically, this certification has only ever been granted to public sector organisations such as the police and NHS.

Andrew McQuillan, director of Crowded Space Drones, commented: “When conducting any form of surveillance for public authorities, transparency of compliance is crucial to both the authority and the public.

“We are exceptionally proud to the be the only private sector organisation to obtain this certification as it not only gives our clients confidence that we comply with all legislation in this area, but enables public trust in our work.”

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