Cyberhawk towers over its competitors with new inspection service launch

cyberhawk bar by bar

Aerial inspection solutions provider Cyberhawk has launched a National Grid technical standard bar-by-bar steelwork inspection solution.

The newly-launched system has been designed to meet the National Grid Technical Standard NG TS 3.04.31, which combines drone-collected data, engineering analysis and cloud-based asset management software.

Using iHawk, Cyberhawk’s visual asset management software, the new bar-by-bar inspection module has been developed for delivering tower inspection results in a detailed format.

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The two-man team, consisting of a trained drone pilot and an inspection engineer, collects a complete visual record of each tower, using high definition images with a consistent data collection plan.

The drone inspection covers the condition of the full tower including foundations, fixtures, steel work, conductors and earthwire.

As well as a close visual inspection, the team also takes ground shots and sag height measurement of any conductors which appear to be low, which meets the requirements of an Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations (ESQCR) inspection.

Using this information, Cyberhawk completes an initial condition inspection, whereby the tower is graded using a 1-4 defect severity scoring system. These results are sent to the client using iHawk.

IHawk allows users to view the status of their asset portfolio at a glance, prioritise repair, maintenance and replacement and view detailed engineering analysis associated with all identified defects.

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