Dangerous weather doesn’t need to ground commercial drone pilots, insists CAA

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has given its stamp of approval for commercial pilots to fly drones in the high speed winds expected today, providing they carry out proper safety tests.

Weather forecasts have predicted that winds could hit 75kph in Britain and warnings have been issued to the general public to be aware of flying debris.

While the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning and described the weather as a ‘danger to life’, the CAA is happy for commercial UAV pilots to continue to fly as normal. Its stance is that pilots should be able to take off if they pass their preliminary flight checks.

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Richard Taylor, press officer at the CAA, told Commercial Drone Professional: “They have to be able to conduct each and every flight safely and they may be required to stand in a court one day and explain why they flew.”

“It’s up to an individual to make that call. They are obliged to follow all the regulations, including flight tests.”

Despite the fact that it isn’t illegal to fly in extreme winds, if a drone pilot does pass safety checks and deems the conditions safe enough, Taylor recommends they act on the side of caution.

“If it doesn’t look good, don’t fly,” he advised.

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