Day-to-day drone delivery becomes a reality for Workhorse Horsefly

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Workhorse Group has made its drone dream a reality with the launch of a new package delivery service.

The American technology company, which focuses on providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions to the commercial electric transportation sector, has announced that the HorseFly truck-launched Autonomous Drone Package Delivery System is now making real-life package deliveries to homes in the Cincinnati area.

The truck delivery driver loads the package and launches the HorseFly drone, the HorseFly drone then autonomously launches from the roof of the delivery truck, gains altitude and proceeds to the delivery location, monitored by a centralised Horsefly control centre.

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HorseFly drone returns to the delivery truck at a planned stop and autonomously re-docks and recharges for its next delivery.

The deliveries form part of a pilot program with the City of Loveland and the FAA. Consumers in select Cincinnati zip codes opted-in to accept packages from Horsefly via the Workhorse Ares Drone Package Delivery App, which is designed to integrate with existing online e-commerce platforms.

The patented HorseFly system complies with current FAA safety regulations for drone package delivery. Currently, each package is delivered within the delivery driver’s line of sight.

“We feel this is a game-changing moment to innovate the way packages are delivered for many years to come,” said Steve Burns, Workhorse CEO. “By not only reducing the expense of last mile delivery, but also providing the consumer with the ability to opt-in, visualise, and confirm their package delivery on their property, we have re-imagined home delivery.”

The HorseFly system is designed to work with drivers to increase their efficiency and significantly lower the expense of last mile delivery.

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