Dedrone unveils the latest version of its counter-drone tech


Dedrone has released the latest version of its DroneTracker allowing for the integration of new technology to further boost the security of protected airspace.

The DroneTracker 4.1 allows the most advanced radar and camera systems to be integrated, boosting the range as well as allowing for autonomous drones to be detected.

DroneTracker 4.1 detects RF, WiFi and non-WiFi UAV’s through the Dedrone RF-100 and RF-300, determining the manufacturer, model and flight time of a drone before triggering countermeasures and alerts to ensure to maintain security in protected airspace.

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Dedrone co-founder and CEO, Joerg Lamprecht, said: “All counter-drone technology programs must be customised to the threat profile, environment, and needs of an individual site.

“DroneTracker 4.1 enables security teams to select the best-in-class sensor hardware to assess and understand their airspace activity accurately, while providing users with a user experience that will enable team members to access critical information and act upon it before, during and after a drone incursion.”

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