Delta Drone and Dronisos to offer drone display ‘events solutions’ for amusement parks


Delta Drone and Dronisos have partnered and will now be offering drone solutions for events, “in particular to amusement parks, or as part of services for major events” a statement revealed.

Delta Drone is a French company, describing itself as “international player in the field of civilian drones for professional use”.

Dronisos, founded in 2016, works mostly in Europe from its Bordeaux headquarters, but also has facilities in Florida, and specialises in drone shows and displays.

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The signing of a strategic partnership will mean the integration of the professional ATMOS solution designed and developed by Delta Drone into Dronisos’s commercial offering.

Dronisos is thus seeing its range of lighted drones expanded with larger drones, designed to carry heavy loads such as sets and costumes.

This agreement stipulates that Delta Drone will manufacture all ATMOS fleets for the exclusive benefit of Dronisos, which will be responsible for the promotion, marketing, software upgrades and maintenance in operational conditions of the solutions throughout the world.

Jean-Dominique Lauwereins, president of Dronisos, said: “We are delighted to be able today to complete our offer with ATMOS, a solution which sets standards in the world of events.

“Leader in drone shows, Dronisos now has the most complete range of automatic drones on the market, ranging from 80 grams to 8 kilograms. “

Christian Viguié, chairman and CEO of Delta Drone, explained: “The agreement concluded with Dronisos is perfectly consistent with our strategic model, based on a range of professional solutions and associated services.

“For each of the solutions, Delta Drone strives to forge alliances with recognized specialists in the sector.

“In this regard, Dronisos presents the perfect profile to accelerate the commercial development of the Atmos solution, bringing all its experience of the sector, including on an artistic level.”

Watch the Dronisos team set up a drone display in the tweet below:

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