Department 13 contracted to provide counter-drone tech in SE Asia

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Department 13 has been awarded a contract to deliver the first counter-drone technology system to an undisclosed South-East Asian government.

A number of Department 13 counter-drone MESMER systems will be placed around critical infrastructure and assets in South-East Asia.

The counter-drone solution will detect, identify and mitigate unauthorised drone activities and help the government monitor and manage unauthorised drone usage.

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To work in conjunction with the MESMER systems, Department 13 is developing a customised web portal to provide the government with flexible and efficient processes that will enable them to locally add Wi-Fi drones into the system to constantly improve mitigation capabilities.

The portal will be the first of its kind and enable the South-East Asian government to instantly update the systems identification database and action appropriate mitigation responses on a local level in real-time.

The web portal is also being built to allow for a seamless integration of MESMER and a number of additional intelligence products developed by other companies that the government uses to enable the detection and mitigation of multiple targets from all directions in an omnidirectional manner.

This project will provide long-term consistent advances in the South-East Asian governments operations, safety and security, whilst creating new technology and security jobs within their departments, the company said. Training and support services to the government will be provided by Department 13 in collaboration with our local system integrator in South-East Asian for the next three years.

Department 13’s Chief Executive Office Lee Croft, said: “The MESMER systems and web portal will work together to determine whether a target is a drone, is authorised or unauthorised, and can determine the brand of the drone and its registered user. It will then create a historic list of unwanted and friendly drones, and automatically alert staff and security when there is a potential threat, known or unknown, in the monitored airspace.

“This solution will allow the South-East Asian government to conduct their own compliance and risk management, quality assurance, and easily add locally encountered Wi-Fi drones to their MESMER systems and web portal which further improves the systems instant effectiveness. Collaborating with the local South-East Asian system integrator provides us with a quality, long-lasting working relationship and will ensure the systems operate as efficiently as possible.

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