DJI Agras deployed to fight malaria


DJI has partnered with a team of entomologists to build drones capable of assisting in the fight against malaria in Africa.

The leading drone manufacturer began a pilot project in Zanzibar using a DJI MG1-S Agras drone modified to allow it to spray mosquito-infested rice fields with a non-toxic, biodegradable silicone-based liquid called Aquatain AMF.

The liquid was sprayed over stagnant water, creating a barrier on the surface that prevents pupae and larvae from breathing.

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As part of the pilot project, the larvae and emerging mosquito population will be measured before and after the drones spray insecticides to monitor the impact.

DJI Europe’s director of marketing and corporate communication, Dr. Barbara Stelzner, said: “We are proud to be pioneers in this field along with scientific experts using our spray drones against malaria in Africa, and we have great hopes that this approach will significantly contribute towards defeating this fatal disease in affected regions around the world.

“Reducing the cases of new malaria infections will not only put an end to all the suffering of people, but it will also contribute to generating larger harvests, and provide new economic perspectives in Africa.”

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