DJI M210 series welcomes new smart parachute rescue system


Drone Rescue Systems (DRS) GmbH will introduce the second smart parachute rescue system for a DJI drone, this time for the Matrice 210.

Its DRS-M600 was the first drone rescue system for a DJI product, designed to protect people below should a drone malfunction.

The new M210 system is expected to release at the end of July or the beginning of August.

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DRS explained in a statement that they designed the product to have a minimal effect on flight time, range and payload capacity.

“With this new product, we are taking the natural step of securing commercial drone applications as well as police and fire brigade operations, since the DJI M210 V2 drone is used for many of these applications,” reported Andreas Ploier, CEO and co-founder.

He continued: “Investments for these drones are sometimes quite high. Therefore, in the event of a crash, special attention should be paid to the protection of the drone as well as the payload.”

Furthermore, he promised a simple installation process for the product.

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