DJI has made a bold move once again and stepped into educational technology by launching the RoboMaster S1, the company’s first ground-based robot.

The S1 was built to introduce new users to the possibilities of robotic technology, with powerful brushless motors, a chassis that can move in all directions, a high-precision gimbal, and interactive modes for programming, play, and competition.

Frank Wang, DJI’s founder and CEO commented: “DJI is powered by passionate engineers with the continued desire to push the boundaries of technology.”

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He added: “Passion is vital but so is the opportunity to learn and engage with technology at an early age. We developed the RoboMaster S1 with the next generation of innovators in mind, making robotics and programming not just more accessible but also an entertaining and academic experience.”

The S1, short for “Step 1,” is a highly advanced rover which designers say aims to give new users an easy introduction to AI, engineering, and robotics.

Watch it in action here:

The S1 is equipped with 31 sensors to help map the world around it, including six on its intelligent body armor, which are used to detect hits.

Atop the S1 frame is a first-person view (FPV) camera that sends a stabilized live feed from the S1 to the RoboMaster app. It also features a specialized mechanical gimbal with an infrared and nontoxic gel bead Blaster, which automatically limits launching rate and angle to help ensure safety.

The S1 is modular with DJI parts and also includes six Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control ports so advanced users can take advantage of third-party hardware.

Using the FPV camera and machine vision technology, the S1 can identify different objects automatically, recognize and respond to sounds, and receive signals from other S1 units.

DJI has invested in robotics education since 2013 with the introduction of the RoboMaster competition.

The launch of the RoboMaster S1 marks DJI’s first step into the robotics education field, supported with courses, educational materials, events, and hardware.

DJI says it will continue to partner with schools, robotics clubs, organizations, and others to expand its presence in the field.

In August this year, DJI will also host the first RoboMaster S1 Challenge during the RoboMaster finals in Shenzhen, China.

Starting June 12, the RoboMaster S1 will be available for purchase for the retail price of $499 on and at flagship stores throughout the US, China and Japan.

A ‘PlayMore Kit’, which includes the dedicated gamepad, additional gel beads, one battery, and a gel bead container, will be available for purchase at a later date.

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