DJI Mavic Pro used to create Baby Yoda image in night sky

baby yoda

Self-proclaimed ‘light painting photographer’ Russell Klimas has created an image of Baby Yoda using a DJI Mavic Pro in the night sky above Colorado Springs.

The photographer set an automated route for the drone using Google Earth, and attached a Lume Cube strobe light to the aircraft.

He then put his camera on a long exposure setting, and over the ensuing 18 minutes captured the drone’s journey in one photograph.

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Klimas prides himself on not using any photo-editing software on his works after the fact, with all of the ‘magic’ taking place in front of the camera.

He has previously created images like the Bat signal and Pikachu.

The project failed on Klimas’ first attempt, with the photographer theorising that the Lume Cube attachments caused the drone to crash.

With adjustments and the addition of a borrowed drone, he tried again with more success.

“I put an overlay into Google Earth, added the place marks that the drone would follow, and then exported the list of points to a KML file,” he commented to Popular Mechanics.

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