DJI ramps up agricultural operations with spraying capabilities


Chinese technology company DJI has stepped up its focus on the agricultural sector with the Agras MG-1S, which has been used for precision spraying of pesticide and herbicides.

The commercial drone provider has increased its offering in response to the consistent rise in the amount of agricultural businesses that are taking up unmanned vehicles in order to conduct daily tasks with minimal effort.

DJI notes that over the past few years the agriculture industry has quickly adopted drones for use as remote sensing tools to better visualise their crops for precision agriculture, such as in the United States’ Midwest where a DJI solution saved farmers as much as $9.80 (£7.3) per acre.

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The Agras MG-1S integrates a number of cutting-edge DJI technologies, including the new A3 Flight Controller, and a Radar Sensing System that provides additional reliability during flight. The spraying system and flow sensor ensure accurate operations.

When used with the MG Intelligent Operation Planning System and the DJI Agriculture Management Platform, a user can plan operations, manage flights in real-time, and closely monitor aircraft operating status.

DJI has now announced that Aermatica3D, an Italian-based DJI Enterprise system integrator, has further pushed the application of drone technology in agriculture by creating a solution for dispensing biological treatments to suppress pests.

Aermatica built on top of the DJI Matrice 100 developer drone platform to effectively suppress the European Corn Borer, a pest that threatens farmers’ corn yields across the Americas and Europe.

Aermatica3D integrated a distribution unit, called BLY-A, sits on top of the Matrice 100 for precision distribution of biological treatments.

Aermatica3D used DJI’s Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) to build flight planning software that allowed for event, automated and strategic distribution. The software allows farmers to draw plots around target areas which the Matrice 100 can then automatically fly.

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