DJI says DOI’s drone program review has “lack of credible evidence”


DJI has responded to the Department of Interior’s decision to ground its drone program.

The DOI announced yesterday that it would be undergoing a ‘comprehensive review’ when it came to drones, but DJI thinks the decision has been made with a “lack of credible evidence.”

The ‘review’ means the permanent grounding of 810 US Government drones over recent fears of Chinese-made drones, specifically.

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In response to the drone program move, a DJI statement reads: “While we have not seen the new policy, we look forward to reviewing the findings of DOI’s ‘comprehensive review’ of its drone program given the lack of credible evidence to support a broad country of origin restriction on drone technology.”

Adding: “DJI drones continue to be among the industry’s most safe, secure and trusted drone platforms and we urge policymakers and industry stakeholders to come together to create clear standards that will give commercial and government drone operators the assurance they need to confidently evaluate drone technology no matter where it is made.”

Over the past year, DJI has been keen to ensure its users that its drones are safe.

In a panel discussion, regional manager for North America and VP for government relations, Mario Rebello addressed the data security issue.

Watch the discussion here:

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