DJI unveils fresh gimbal control solutions to aid entry-level filmmakers


DJI has expanded the commercial drone avenues open to filmmakers with the introduction of new cinema grade tools.

The industry-leading manufacturer unveiled its DJI Master Wheels and DJI Force Pro that offers professional gimbal control solutions to aid filmmakers at NAB 2018.

The system is built to deliver precise gimbal movements to help capture complex shots with ease while adding a cinematic quality to any scene. Master Wheels and Force Pro control DJI’s Ronin 2 and Ronin-S gimbals, expanding the creative possibilities for cinematographers of varying experience levels.

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The Master Wheels system is a professional-level gimbal control system that applies a three-wheeled form to control pan, tilt and roll. Smooth, stable and precise movements create a professional look, while an easy-to-use and functional design make filming complex footage simpler.

The Force Pro is a motion sensing system that uses DJI’s remote-control technology to synchronise the movement of Force Pro with the gimbal. Intuitive and easy to learn, Force Pro breaks down the barriers that come with understanding the operation of more complex gimbal control systems.

“Creating these gimbal systems demonstrates our dedication to every level of filmmaker, whether you are an amateur just beginning your journey or a seasoned veteran with decades of experience,” said Paul Pan, senior product manager at DJI.

“Force Pro offers simplicity and functionality for filmmakers seeking a more intuitive tool, and Master Wheels brings the highest degree of precision control when working with a gimbal setup.”

Both products are currently available for pre-order.

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