DJM Aerial Solutions contracted to supply aerial photography for construction giant


DJM Aerial Solutions, a Middlesborough-based drone company has been tasked with capturing some aesthetic aerial crane photography and progressional imagery for a local construction company at Middlehaven dock area.

As the newly fabricated concrete and steel beam bridge were lifted into position at the once-famous Lock Gates by heavy crane hire firm Baldwins, used its 1,000 tonne capacity telescopic crane Liebherr LTM1800, configured with superlift to aid the landing of the bridge section at the required radius.

DJM Aerial Solutions has recently been involved in several aerial photography projects across construction sites and civil engineering sites within the Tees Valley region.

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This project being the last in a series of contract crane lifts over the lock area which has included several of the regions crane hire companies including Baldwins, Sarens, and Ainscough.

MD of DJM Aerial Solutions, Dan Maine, said: “This project happened to be one close to my heart not only was it significant for my hometown, but also a project close to home in terms of the main area of focus being a contract lift using a crane I personally had heavy involvement with during my time with Sarens 13 years ago, not the exact same machine but its sister model none the less.”

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