Dr Anna Jackman appointed as Specialist Adviser for House of Commons drone inquiry


Dr Anna Jackman has been appointed as Specialist Adviser to The Science and Technology Committee in the House of Commons for its drone inquiry into commercial and recreational use in the UK.

The inquiry will look at the ethical and safety implications of the growing use of civilian drones, of all sizes, across the UK.

The drone inquiry reports: “Drones have had a range of positive impacts across a variety of industries, from commercial photography and aerial surveying, through to crop spraying and parcel delivery. “

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It goes on: “However, following increased recreational popularity, there have been several suspected drone incidents, including dozens of ‘near misses’ between drones and aircrafts.”

Commenting on the work ahead, Dr Jackman said: “We’re at somewhat of a watershed moment with drones in the UK. It’s important, timely, and exciting to see this inquiry into the ‘Commercial and recreational use of drones in the UK’ taking place. Drones are anticipated and associated with considerable opportunity in a diverse and growing number of fields. However, they also remain bound to risk – associated with both negligent and malicious flying.”

She concluded: “Unfolding legislation and practice thus requires a careful and ongoing navigation, consideration, and mitigation of the full range of drone capabilities.  Acting as a Specialist Adviser is a great opportunity to contribute research expertise to an important policy, practitioner, and evolving space.”

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