Drone company seeking to industrialise aerial data joins CAA regulatory sandbox


sees.ai has today become the first drone company seeking to industrialise aerial data capture accepted into the CAA’s Regulatory Sandbox.

The Regulatory Sandbox was launched in April this year to create an environment where innovation in aviation can be explored and flourish in line with CAA core principles of safety, security and consumer protection.

The work is made possible by funding from the Regulators’ Pioneer Fund, launched by The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

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sees.ai, a Techstars-backed startup led by a team of four seasoned founders ex. Arup, Apple, CERN, McLaren and hedge funds, is developing a solution that aims to enable drone service providers to remotely deliver services on industrial sites from a central control room.

The collaboration between sees.ai and the CAA will allow both organisations to explore frameworks under which regulatory approvals for routine ‘beyond visual line of sight’ (BVLOS) operations could be granted.

Co-Founder and CEO John McKenna, commented: “Almost every commercial drone mission today is flown using a pilot on site. This approach was suitable for experimentation but it’s not suitable for scale-up, as it’s inconsistent and expensive. For a specialist offering like drone services it’s inevitable that operations will end up centrally delivered, driven by economies of scale and the benefits of expertise concentration. We are proud to be breaking new technical and regulatory ground and unlock this new model.”

Frederic Laugere, Innovation Services Lead at the CAA added: “We are delighted to welcome sees.ai into our regulatory sandbox and work together to explore frameworks under which regulatory approvals for every day BVLOS operations could be granted. This collaboration will help support the establishment of regulatory frameworks and standards from which the whole sector can benefit by developing new services.”

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