Drone Data Automation Software Company Appoints Former U.S. Ambassador to Brazil Todd Chapman as Senior Advisor

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Skycatch, an industrial end-to-end data automation solution company, announced the addition of former United States Ambassador to Brazil, Todd Chapman, to its Advisory Board. Chapman is an award-winning diplomat with 30 years of experience and a two-time US Ambassador to Brazil and Ecuador who served throughout South America, Africa and Asia under six US Presidents. His advisory role with Skycatch represents one of Chapman’s first positions since retiring from the US Foreign Service in July 2021. To commemorate his new position, Chapman will visit Brazil in mid-October to meet with private sector leaders in the mining sector and government officials with the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

South America is a major producer of several of the world’s most important metals, including silver, iron ore, copper and gold. The continent produces 45 per cent of the world’s copper, 21 per cent of zinc, 50 per cent of silver and a large percentage of many strategic rare earth minerals. South America is a top destination for international mining investment, thus presenting an excellent opportunity to expand Skycatch’s technology.   

“In the mining industry, Skycatch is known as one of the top drone mapping and data analytic services providers to many leading mining companies around the world, and I’m proud to assist with their continued growth in South America and around the world,” said Chapman. “Skycatch technology solutions provide the data necessary for more sustainable and efficient mining operations while protecting the health and safety of workers. It’s clear to me that Skycatch is committed to sharing its technology solutions with a broad range of Brazilian mining operators, as well as construction and petroleum companies.”

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With his extensive knowledge of the region, Chapman will enhance and support Skycatch’s success in South America, emphasising working with government and industry leaders in Brazil. He will work closely with key stakeholders to ensure the safety of miners, elevate the sustainability and efficiency of communities where mining is present and help drive awareness for Skycatch’s all-in-one UAV mapping, data processing and complete drone analytics solution in one of the fastest-growing segments of their customer base.

“Demand for our solution in South America has risen sharply in recent years, and today’s mining operators are looking for technology providers that can offer localized domain expertise,” said Christian Sanz, Founder and CEO of Skycatch. “Todd is uniquely well-qualified to fill the role of senior advisor in the region, and we look forward to partnering with him as Skycatch continues serving the needs of the world’s largest mining sites in South America.”

Skycatch is used at 10,000+ sites worldwide, including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Australia, Canada, the US, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Thailand, and Japan – and is widely relied upon based on the software’s ability to operate in sites with limited connectivity. 

To learn more about Skycatch’s all-in-one solution for drone survey and highwall mapping, visit https://skycatch.com/mining-solution

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