Drone Defence upgrades its Aeroguards mobile drone detection capability


Drone Defence has made what it claims is a significant upgrade to its Aeroguards mobile drone detection capability.

The company’s AeroGuards service is a drone focused security system which allows event planners and organisations to detect drones in excess of 6km away.

It aims to forewarn of illegal drone use in an area meaning security services can then respond and prevent the drone from disrupting the event.

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Ordinarily, the systems use radio-frequency based drone detection equipment but, after a series of testing, the company has devised new antenna technology to enhance the capability of the device.

This advancement means that, in live field tests, it has successfully detected multiple drones in excess of 6km from the detection device.

The new antennas also have the ability to be vehicle mounted meaning that the company’s AeroGuards can be fully mobile and protect multiple sites.

Richard Gill, founder & CEO of Drone Defence thinks it is important to use drones in the right way and this technology will help that.

Discussing the upgrade, he said: “Drones are amazing tools when used responsibly. Unfortunately, there are increasing reports of drones being used to disrupt events and transport illicit substances into festivals. Our AeroGuards are designed to discretely help secure the airspace over these events and allow security staff to respond in time.”

He added: “By offering AeroGuards ‘as a service’ we remove the need for organisations to invest in expensive drone detection technology. Our service is ready to deploy across the UK now.”

Drone Defence has outlined football, horse racing and open air concerts as key markets in which its technology can be used.

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