Drone Delivery Canada “opens further market opportunities” with new Sparrow functionality


Drone Delivery Canada has announced new Sparrow functionality that opens further healthcare, commercial and residential use cases.

The firm has successfully engineered and tested payload drop functionality for the Sparrow drone which allows a package to be loaded at the point of origin, fly to a destination, hover at a lowered altitude, drop a payload without landing, and return to the point of origin. 

The Sparrow has a total flight range of up to 30km with a maximum payload capacity of approximately 4.3kg (10lbs) and operates with the company’s advanced, automated and patented FLYTE software system. 

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Commenting, Michael Zahra, president and CEO of DDC, said: “The payload drop system is now ready for commercial roll out. This exciting new Sparrow functionality allows us to even further penetrate drone delivery applications, subject to Transport Canada regulations, in healthcare, pharmaceutical, emergency aid, commercial and residential markets while also effectively limiting person-to-person contact.”

Adding: “DDC continues to be a leader in the drone logistics industry and we are in active discussions with numerous prospective customers to utilize this new functionality for drone deliveries.”

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