Drone Delivery Canada opens commercial ops centre ahead of “imminent” customer announcement


Drone Delivery Canada has opened its new commercial operations center.

Now open and ready for operations, the operations center is a 16,000 square foot facility and when at full capacity will be capable of managing 1,500 drones on behalf of commercial paying customers globally. 

With the operations center complete, in partnership with Air Canada, DDC anticipates announcing its first paying customer, a large multi-national corporation, imminently.

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Michael Zahra, president and CEO of DDC, said: “Our operations center is the first of its kind globally and will be scalable to 1,500 drones and routes.”

Adding: “On average, we anticipate charging customers a licensing fee of $10,000 per drone, per route, per month. With the high level of technical automation we have achieved with our drones, our patented FLYTE system and the operations center, we will lower operating costs, resulting in a high-margin business with predictable monthly re-occurring revenue.”

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