Drone Dragon Peter Jones wants to bring UAV tech to forefront of UK market

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Peter Jones has continued to fuel his passion for drones following his Dragon’s Den investment last month, it has been confirmed.

Following his decision to go into business with the Drone Safe Register, Jones wants to bring drones to the forefront of the UK’s plans going forward.

On its website, the DSR confirmed that Jones still has a personal level of involvement with the company and has continued to take time out of his busy schedule to work with the brand.

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He said: “I already live within the world of drone technology as I own the biggest supplier of drones in Europe. In fact, I’ve probably had a hand in supplying drones to most of the DSR members.”

“I see unlimited potential for the Drone Safe Register as a UK wide network of drone pilots who are guaranteed to be qualified, insured and legal operators. As I said on the show, I believe that there is truly no ceiling to what we can achieve together.”

Last month, in an exclusive interview with Commercial Drone Professional, founder of the DSR Mark Boyt told how he was already pleased with the amount of work Peter was putting in.

On the level of input, Boyt told CDP that even a day after the show aired he was already impressed with the level of involvement.

He said: “I can’t tell you everything just yet but they have been involved massively already. We’re obviously about to start building a website. We’ve got a hire site at the moment and a stock footage website so we are going to try and combine the two. There is no talk of trying to put people’s membership up at all, our main focus is to bring more customers for our members and to rebuild the website to start with, and those are our two objectives.”

He continued: “When you sit in Peter Jones’ boardroom and he’s talking to you, you know things are going to get quite interesting. I’ve had about five meetings with him since May and I’ve got a meeting booked with him next week. To work with, he and his team have been excellent, they are so down to earth and so approachable.”

Things have moved on since then but, according to the DSR, Jones passion and motivation hasn’t faltered.

Speaking about his future involvement with the industry, Jones said: “I look forward to playing my part in working alongside the pilots of DSR, to bring awareness of all of this incredibly exciting potential to the forefront of the UK mind.”

He added: “From property marketing, assisting loss adjusters and streamlining insurance claims assessment, through building inspections to working with the next generation of drone pilots in the school system, the possibilities are simply endless.”

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