Have your drone and eat it too – edible UAVs provide humanitarian aid

edible drone

A British UAV manufacturer has overhauled drone hardware to provide a two-pronged approach to humanitarian aid.

Yeovil-based Windhorse Aero, which was founded by Nigel Gifford two years ago, is currently developing UAVs that deliver supplies to civilians in war-torn or disaster-stricken areas that can also be eaten.

Windhorse has developed a specialist UAV, Pouncer, that will be loaded with appropriate food, transported to the disaster area and fly independently to its pre-planned destination and land accurately into the selected landing zone, avoiding all infrastructure problems, corruption or hostile groups while saving time, money and more importantly lives.

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The drone’s pre-formed shell can be reused to provide shelter, the frame can be burnt safely to cook food, and the payload, which is food and water, provides lifesaving nutrition.

According to Forbes, the company plans to build three models, all launched from either an aircraft or from the ground, that can carry different weights and travel different distances.

Gifford told the publication: “Terrorizing populations has become one of the most effective methods of modern hybrid warfare. This is a way to send people the food and nutrition they need.”

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