Drone expertise used to help rid Irish town’s seagull infestation issue


Drones have been deployed by a North Dublin council to tackle an ongoing seagull infestation issue.

The Irish Examiner reported that UAVs have been used to conduct a survey of nests and eggs following uproar from locals from three Irish towns which pushed the council into acting on the problem.

The survey took place late last year in North Dublin following complaints from a coalition of residents and businesses and after petitions from a number of councillors.

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The survey cost Fingal County Council €13,500 due to the hire of an engineering contractor and covered the Balbriggan, Skerries, and Howth areas.

The 57-page report found that 451 gull nests were identified in total.

The Department of Heritage, Culture, and the Gaelteacht has structured a “consultative committee” to analyse gull migration into urban areas and the best ways to deal with this.

Previous to the report, the newspaper said, locals had reported physical damage to homes and businesses, as well people refusing to allow their children out during the spring hatching season.


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  1. Hi,
    My drone company was engaged to carry out this work. The aerial survey of urban roof nesting sites was carried out in a fraction of the time it would have taken a biodiversity professional to physically count the nests via height access methods. Key to flying over urban areas was timing, and engagement of air authority, residents, police, local councils, schools, & local businesses in particular. One of our most challenging but interesting projects to date!

    Garry (Director)

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