Drone flood mapping scheme helping to lower local residents’ insurance premiums


Drone survey technology being used to map North Jersey Rivers is helping to lower flood insurance premiums.

The images captured by the UAVs have become part of the documentation for a Federal Emergency Management program that is saving local residents around $300,000 each year on flood insurance premiums.

Land-use consultancy Dresdner Robin, recently worked with the Borough of Pompton Lakes to utilise image-capture flights to gather overlapping photographs of three rivers in the borough.

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Survey director at Dresdner Robin, Greg Gloor, flew 11 individual flights over the rivers at 215 feet above the water level.

The UAV moved at 10 mph, using a 15-millimeter, fixed-zoom lens, capturing 60-foot sections of the terrain.

Images were taken every two seconds and were later analysed to locate obstructions in the river channel which aided a stream-cleaning project that is part of the borough’s flood mitigation program.

According to a local councillor, the UAV program also saved the boroughs volunteers hundreds of hours of ‘firsthand’ analysis time.

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