Drone giant DJI gives the thumbs-up to UK’s new safety framework

Drone giant DJI has welcomed the Department for Transport’s amendment to the Air Navigation Order, which was announced yesterday as a measured approach for ensuring the UK remains open to safe and responsible use of drones.

The manufacturer, which boasts a huge share of the drone hardware market, believes the new rules will help tighten up concerns over safety and provide a level playing field for operators.

As revealed by CDP yesterday, the new rules have been introduced today that restrict drones from flying above 400 feet and within 1km of airport boundaries.

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Christian Struwe, Head of Public Policy Europe at DJI, said the updates to the regulatory framework strike a “sensible balance” between protecting public safety and bringing the benefits of drone technology to British businesses and the public at large.

“The vast majority of drone pilots fly safely and responsibly, and governments, aviation authorities and drone manufacturers agree we need to work together to ensure all drone pilots know basic safety rules,” he commented. “We are therefore particularly pleased about the Department for Transport’s commitment to accessible online testing as a way of helping drone users to comply with the law.”

DJI said it supports schemes for pilots to easily register with the authorities, as well as educational initiatives to ensure pilots understand how to fly drones safely.

It added that it “strongly condemns” unsafe and illegal drone operations, and believes registration schemes, knowledge tests to educate drone pilots, and restrictions on where drones can fly are the best tools to ensure drones maintain their admirable safety record.

Last year DJI introduced a knowledge quiz for all pilots who are operating drones in the UK airspace. It has also built automatic altitude limitations into its flight control apps to help pilots ensure they fly at safe altitudes. And it has developed sense-and-avoid systems for recent drone models, which use sensors to identify obstacles and either stop short of them or navigate around them.

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