Drone Harmony reaches ‘important milestone’ in data development


Drone Harmony has been chosen to be part of the fifth cohort of the ESA Business Incubator Switzerland (ESA BIC CH), marking an ‘important milestone’ in the company’s development of collecting data in the drone industry.

The move will allow Drone Harmony to enrich its data-driven mission planning platform with global sources of satellite data.

Drone Harmony is developing the tools to turn drones from ‘eyes in the sky’ to effective automated data collection tools that drive the modern digital workflows and enable their full-scale deployment.

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Drone Harmony’s acceptance to ESA BIC CH represents both a confirmation Drone Harmony’s vision and an important milestone in the development of its’ data-driven data acquisition platform.

Satellite data is the most comprehensive and accurate global source of geospatial data and as such a great resource to enable autonomous drone mission planning and flight.

In the context of the incubation, Drone Harmony will integrate high-quality sources of satellite data into the Drone Harmony mission planning platform.

This development will be aligned with the upcoming release of web-based mission planning application, that will enable new forms of integrations and handling of higher volumes of data.

Martin Fuchsberger, CEO of Drone Harmony commented: “We see our acceptance to the ESA BIC CH as confirmation of our vision of creating fully autonomous drone-based inspection workflows. We are excited about the opportunity that this incubation holds for both our company and our technology. The importance of satellite data for automation of drone operations is unquestioned, and now we have the opportunity to pursue the integration of such data sources with expert advice and support from leading organisations in the space industry.”

Drone Harmony was founded in 2016 by a team of problem solvers with a passion for drones, software and automation. Now Drone Harmony’s customers have logged more than 50,000 autonomous flights in six continents and dozens of use cases.

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