Drone operations management platform Dronedesk launches today


Dronedesk, a drone operations management platform that claims to save as much as 45 minutes of administration time per planned flight, has gone live today.

This comes after a 14-month beta testing period, during which time Dronedesk worked with dozens of established commercial drone operators to help the software reach its full potential.

Beta users have reported that, on average, since switching to Dronedesk they’re saving 45 minutes of admin time on every flight they plan.

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The platform also acts as an end-to-end drone business management system, allowing flight planning, asset management and team management, as well as offering incident, maintenance and flight logging capabilities.

It also includes customer relationship management tools, meaning users are able to generate, record and track new business leads, issue quotes for projects or individual jobs, send invoices and record payments.

Additionally, the Dronedesk platform brings together a number of drone data sources – UTM (via Altitude Angel), eAIP and NOTAMs (NATS), weather (DarkSky) and numerous others – all in one place.

Dorian Ellis, founder and director of Dronedesk, commented: “Dronedesk was born out of my frustration with managing spreadsheets, documentation, and visiting ten different websites to plan even the simplest of flights.

“Realising that most other pilots shared that frustration gave me the impetus to start developing a solution. That was 18 months ago.

“I believe that the application we’ve now created, through unprecedented collaboration with industry professionals, is game-changing in terms of its ability to make the complex simple, safety a given and compliance a breeze.”

He continued: “I’m incredibly proud of the positive feedback we’ve received. But I’m even more proud of the positive impact that Dronedesk is having on the lives of commercial drone operators. The time they’re saving on admin means they’re able to spend more time flying and earning money.

“On top of that, many of them are reporting that any concerns they may previously have had, about managing compliance and CAA audits, have completely evaporated because they know everything they need to record is now securely stored and instantly accessible in the cloud.”

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