Drone pilot group set up to track lost dogs comes to the rescue again


A local volunteer was able to use his drone to track down a missing and injured dog.

Found by Jamie Jewell, a volunteer at Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK, the border collie had apparently been hit by a car before going missing.

According to the BBC, Jewell spent around 20 minutes searching with the drone before he spotted it curled up in a ball.

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He said how, due to its injuries suffered from the collision, he does not believe the dog would have survived if it was not for the drone.

The report goes on to detail how Jewell had been put in touch with Socks’s family last Wednesday, the day after the dog slipped out the front door of the family home.

He told the BBC: “In my opinion if he hadn’t have been found, he may well have died there. There is no way that anybody would have walked past where he was.”

The Drone SAR for Lost Dogs group said it had helped over 1,000 people find their lost dogs. It was founded in 2017 and has gained support from dozens of drone pilots around the UK.

Image credit: Footage obtained by Jamie Jewell as part of the rescue

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