Drone pilots rewarded for flying ‘safe’ in new insurance scheme

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Drone-based solutions specialist, Skywatch.AI, has announced the launch of an ‘industry-first’ drone safety and on-demand insurance app.

The app, which is now available on the App Store and Google Play for both business and recreational operators, relies on a variety of data sources, including drone sensors, weather mapping, 3D airspace mapping, crowd density and AI algorithms.

The new system marks a ‘new era’ in drone insurance and will reward pilots on their efforts to fly safe.

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The SkyWatch.AI app supports purchasing insurance for all types of UAVs under 55 pounds.

Operators using DJI drones alongside Android devices, and very soon on iOS, can get real-time hazard warnings based off the drone’s telemetry, calculating a proprietary “safety score” for each flight, based on the operator’s behaviour.

“Drone operators need a solution that caters to their needs,” said Tomer Kashi, SkyWatch.AI’s CEO.

“Our platform doesn’t only offer insurance, or safety – but marks a new era in drone insurance, where safer pilots can be rewarded for their efforts to fly safe, and actually pay less on their insurance premiums.”

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