Drone Racing League launches the first autonomous racing drone


The Drone Racing League (DRL) has launched the DRL RacerAI, the league’s first-ever autonomous racing drone.

Designed to be the first autonomous robot to defeat a human in a physical sport, the DRL RacerAI will help close the gap between artificial intelligence (AI) and human performance.

The news comes out ahead of DRL’s inaugural Artificial Intelligence Robotic Racing (AIRR) Circuit, which kicks off its four-event, autonomous drone racing series in Orlando, Florida.

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AIRR races will feature nine identical DRL RacerAI drones operated only by AI.

DRL CEO and founder, Nicholas Horbaczewski, commented: “The DRL RacerAI is a major milestone for The Drone Racing League and the future of sports. AI has defeated humans in nearly every digital game we know, but it hasn’t come close to defeating a human in real-life sports yet.”

Adding: “Through the competitive AIRR events, we’ll watch the DRL RacerAI get faster and smarter, catch up to human competitors, and one day, outpace the best pilot in the world. This will mark an initial step towards a future when autonomous systems can operate in all complex flying environments, from package delivery to search and rescue missions.” 

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